Entry #2

Hello and welcome to my house of coffee

2017-01-17 09:11:43 by BugsAndBooks

Oh gosh, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, while I’ve been busy with studying realistic portraiture, writing for my short story project Clue Writing, producing radio plays, work and generally being a unbearable wisearse … an idea has snuck up on me like a deadly turtle.
Since I am a writer that spends a lot of time on the drawing board and loves to debate about difficult subjects, why not make a children’s book that tackles exactly those issues in a secular way? Considering that I am without child and very happy about that, this might be an odd choice but I hope to contribute to parents lifes as well as their childrens.

Without saying too much: I’m currently working with experts on child psychology and the issues I’d like to explain in a child-friendly manner. Simultaneously I’m learning how to translate everything I know about realistic drawing into cartooning.

You, my dear fellow drawlings, are about to see what hopefully is my evolution from a crappy cartoonist to a decent one. Wish me luck, stamina and if you have any resources, feedback, questions or critiques to help me learn, I’d very much appreciate your kind help – thank you.

Have an awesometacular day in the Milky Way


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2017-01-17 09:47:23

That explains why your recent slew of uploads look the way they do. All those pictures I've recently seen on the Art Portal strongly resemble what I use to see in children's books back when I was a kid. Granted, I try not to let myself dwell in the past, but they were a pleasant sight nonetheless. Thank you for that.

I studied quite a bit about child psychology back in college, but my reasoning wasn't a beneficial one, like yours. I simply believe it is important to know thy enemy. Probably best that I don't become a parent, either. Good luck to you, and may you have a splendiferously wontastical day, as well.

BugsAndBooks responds:

Heya fellow earthling
Aw, I’m happy that I at least managed to get the children’s book feel across – lots to learn left but my stubbornness will lead me there :)

I’ve dabbled in pedagogics for a while during my education and I must admit … the development of children is very interesting to me as long as they are kept behind data and thick glass ^^
But yeah, I hope my outside, frankly rather distanced view on children can be of use in this project, since I’m not biased towards anything but stone-cold science which can be the basis for parents to lovingly talk to their kids about pressing and burdening subjects.

Hope you’re enjoying a day full off coffee, tangerines, pencildust and afterwards have distant suns brighten your night.


2017-01-17 09:48:44

recent cartoon stuff looks alright. It's weird to see all the great portraits the year before and then the simpler cutesy stuff. But uhh, you were able to come that far with realistic paintings so you'll probably catch up soon with a grabbing cartoon style.

BugsAndBooks responds:

Hello there

Yeah, I totally agree with you, it is very odd for me too to switch gears in such an extreme way and to experience such great failure – I’m an amateur once again. I’ve been doing realistic illustrations for a while now, even manage to make a decent side income with portraiture. But if I want to realise my new project, I have to do what has to be done ;)
Hope you’re right on the catching up part though – we’ll see ^^

Thanks for taking the time to respond and have great day


2017-11-04 17:00:01

How goes your writing? Enjoyed the artwork you posted earlier this year, deceptively simple.