Oh gosh, it has been a while, hasn’t it?

Well, while I’ve been busy with studying realistic portraiture, writing for my short story project Clue Writing, producing radio plays, work and generally being a unbearable wisearse … an idea has snuck up on me like a deadly turtle.
Since I am a writer that spends a lot of time on the drawing board and loves to debate about difficult subjects, why not make a children’s book that tackles exactly those issues in a secular way? Considering that I am without child and very happy about that, this might be an odd choice but I hope to contribute to parents lifes as well as their childrens.

Without saying too much: I’m currently working with experts on child psychology and the issues I’d like to explain in a child-friendly manner. Simultaneously I’m learning how to translate everything I know about realistic drawing into cartooning.

You, my dear fellow drawlings, are about to see what hopefully is my evolution from a crappy cartoonist to a decent one. Wish me luck, stamina and if you have any resources, feedback, questions or critiques to help me learn, I’d very much appreciate your kind help – thank you.

Have an awesometacular day in the Milky Way

and thank you for dropping by on my little page.

I'm a freshly peeled hobbyist artist and although I have been exploring the realms of Photoshop on my own for a while now, I still have a long way to go. But fear not, my infamous stubbornnes will drag me along and encourage me to learn.

And that's exactly the reason why I'm here: To learn.

So if you have any suggestions or feedback that might help me, do not hesitate to draw your sword of criticism. And if you just want to experience my mighty power of rambling, feel free to chat me up (don't worry, I only bite on occasion).

And to get some promotion out (you must have known that this is going to happen): If you happen to understand German, please check out Clue Writing, my literary project I'm working on with my friend. We've been doing this since 2012 and have a buttload of short stories in a variety of genres waiting for you.

Now, thanks for having a look and have an awesometacular day!